Location, Location, Location – Where to Buy Property in Egypt

You can have a piece of it all in Egypt: beauty, history, culture, lifestyle, sophistication. And you can have it all for a lot less than you could a few years ago.  How so? Property values in Egypt have leveled out for the time being. Some areas are even considered “bargain areas.”  In these areas you can get luxury and style for very little cost. In a few years, after the housing market turns around, you will be able to sell such properties for a profit.

If you’re not looking for an investment, Egypt has numerous, beautiful holiday properties for sale as well. You can choose from areas that are secluded and practically shut down in the off season or areas where nightlife, shopping and culture abound. You can even buy a private property on one of Egypt’s many beaches.

No matter your reasoning for buying property in Egypt, you need to be sure that you are buying the right property. This is where location comes in. Location is everything. Location dictates the kind of lifestyle you will be living while in Egypt. It also is vital in terms of appreciation and resale value.

There are many areas in Egypt that are ideal to buy. Let’s take a moment to talk about a few of them. There is a large variety of different types of locations, so we are going to give you a taste of what type of property you can buy in Egypt as well as highlight some of the best areas.

• Convenience and Stability – If you  want to be in the middle of everything, Cairo, Alexandria and Hurgahda has everything you need. Airports, shops and a  bus system that runs all the way throughout Egyptian towns and villages  will keep you connected and in the middle of it all. And the coastal beauty of the Red Sea will leave you speechless. The price tag of living in this area might also leave you speechless. A basic apartment here is quite low cost when compare to other beach resort destinations. There are very high end apartments, villas, flats and chalets available for sale in Egypt but there are also great bargains that make buying an apartment in Egypt to be very easy for almost anyone. But the area is virtually untouched by the recent housing market decline. Housing prices have risen steadily in spite of the market.

• Value and Familiarity – The highest concentration of British landowners live in Hurghada. And there is good reason why. Flats start out at only 30,000 Euros. Cheap beer and cheap flights to Britain make this the ideal area in which to purchase a holiday property. But don’t expect to get rich off of property appreciation. You will find great stability however and good returns should you decide to rent while you’re not using your unit.

• Seclusion and Beach Life – If you want seclusion, the small Red Sea village town of Marsa Alam is for you. One of Egypt’s most protected coastal regions, Marsa Alam has seen little development until recent years. Conveniences are few and far between if you’re looking for major type conveniences but if you just want a place to get away then this is really it.  Properties are also few. But if you want to purchase a piece of unspoiled island paradise, this Red Sea destination is for you. Brand new apartments start out at around 25,000 Euros. Luxury properties can cost as much as 500,000 Euros. It’s up to you, possibilities await you at the Red Sea in Egypt, where the sun shines 365 days of the year and the sky is always blue.

Remember; location is everything. If you want to purchase a property in Egypt that you can enjoy and resale when the time is right, you need to pay attention to where you are buying. In fact, where is more important than what. With the resort destinations in Egypt available today you have a nice choice when looking to buy an apartment or property in Egypt.

Author:  Sandra Peterson

Buying Property In Egypt

In recent years Egypt has become a prime destination for investment and holiday properties, with regions around the major cities seeing a particular boom. With this increasing popularity it’s the perfect time to think about getting in on the action, but keep in mind these important tips:

Like with any property purchase, ensure you don’t rush into things. Take your time to get to know a region, its people, its amenities and its cuisine. If you can’t make it a home, don’t live there. To really get a feel for a place you’ll need to spend a good deal of time there. Don’t just go for a weekend thinking you’ve read all about the area and it sounds lovely; invest some time and uncover the true character of your chosen region.

Likewise, don’t combine business with pleasure. If you treat your buying trip as a holiday you’re liable to fall in love with properties that don’t make financial sense, and primarily your investment has to be affordable. Don’t get carried away just because you think you’ve found your dream home or because someone else might make an offer; all the usual rules of buying houses still apply, and you should never go over budget and regret it later.

Consider more out-of-the-way destinations to save money. The big cities are obviously most expensive, but you can still find the Egyptian experience in other parts of the country. Marsa  Alam,in the south Red Sea, Egypt for example is on the up but still unspoilt by development and tourism, so it just goes to show that you can pick up a bargain if you’re willing to live outside the most popular destinations. From Hurghada to Marsa Alam you will find miles of pristine beaches and Marsa Alam is now served by Egypt International Airport at Marsa Alam. Also there is an international airport in Hurghada and Cairo. Air transport within Egypt makes all areas accessible and such great investment opportunity for buying property in Egypt at great prices.

Once you’ve found a house or apartment you love, you can start to go through the buying process. This involves making an offer which, if accepted, you’ll sign an agreement on. Then you have to pay a third of the offer to the seller, which is non-refundable if you decide to pull out. The rest of the balance is transferrable usually with payments monthly through to completion, which takes up to a few months; this is when documents are signed by both parties and their Notary which transfer ownership to you.  Egypt apartments for sale and property for sale is transferred by freehold ownership and taxes are very low. There is good return of investment for property in Egypt, it is a safe investment and popular destination for tourists. Many ex pats are living in their own home in Egypt.

There are no restrictions on foreign nationals buying property in Egypt, you are liable to pay a fee, which covers all the deeds to the house, planning regulations etc being checked to make sure that the sale of the house is legal. This is a standard procedure, it doesn’t cost very much and it is for your protection. Buying property in Egypt is easy for anyone, just be sure you’re buying property from someone that has the right to sell it and you can be sure of this by having your documents properly taken care of.

Buying an Egypt property is a straightforward process, and as long as you do your research and follow the correct procedures, you’re sure to find the right investment.

Author: Sandra Peterson

Buy Investment Properties In Uk

As the nation’s property market has cooled, Hometrack has reported the return of a buyers’ market, with sales currently being made at 94.3% of the asking price. Waiting for a buyers market is a good way to make your money stretch further but an increasingly popular way of saving money on investment properties is by buying at auction.

According to the Sunday Times, “90% of cheap property is sold at auctions” and at every auction are investors ready to modernise in the hope of a quick profit. Due to the popularity of purchasing investment properties at auction there are now range of companies that keep up to date with the latest auctions and who will provide you with listings for a small subscription fee. One of these services is run by IPDS whose website, auctionpropertyforsale.co.uk, also contains useful information about the whole auction process. If you are keen to buy at auction you will find other agents and listings sites through the website, LandlordZone.co.uk.

Another way to buy investment properties with savings on the purchase price is to buy off plan. Many developers throughout the UK will offer significant discounts to those who agree to purchase before the build is complete. At the moment many discounts can be found on investment properties in Manchester, which has been undergoing a period of regeneration. On the website BuyProperty4Less.com you’ll find several examples, including The Cube and The Mews developments both due for completion in autumn 2008. These developments contain investment properties from £116,450 to £152,150, with a 15% discount for purchasers who will buy off plan. Also in Manchester, the Ellesmere Property Group is offering 17% discounts on apartments in the Ingenta development where there are 30 properties for sale with gross prices starting at £181,260.

The website off-plan.co.uk is currently marketing a range of investment properties with off-plan discounts of 15%. These include Victoria Court in Wigan, a development of ten luxury two-bedroom apartments priced at £125,000 before discount. Three luxury apartments in West Cliff Apartments in Preston city centre at £210,000 before discount. And a choice of 13 one or two-bedroom flats in Worsley, Manchester from £135,000 before discount. This website is also offering the opportunity to buy a piece of television history! Brookside Close is now up for sale in West Derby, Liverpool (but there are no discounts on those properties).

To make your investment properties a success, buy in an up-and-coming area where property prices are often lower and are forecast to rise more than the national average. At the moment, property forecasters are focusing on Scotland where prices are almost one-third less than the national average. Scotland is currently enjoying economic prosperity due to the oil industry and is attracting much investment.

In Aberdeen, a good buy-to-let prospect with international transport links and a popular university, the agent Gavin Bain & Co holds a wide range of properties ranging in price from £68,500 to £450,000. In Dundee, Your Move is currently marketing a three-bedroom flat in a converted mill building for £137,950 while the company Construction and Property Marketing currently holds brand-new apartments at Discovery Wharf from £161,000.

Topping many current lists as being the area most likely to experience the greatest price increases over the coming year, Scotland is looking like a good place to invest. If you are buying to let, the university regions of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Stirling have obvious attraction. Whether you are looking for investment properties to renovate or buy into a brand-new development there is much to be found.

Author:  Damian Qualter

So You Want to Buy Property in Egypt?

Egypt is a country that many visitors seem to fall in love with. And more people, as they become more established, are becoming interested in buying property in Egypt.

Is real estate in Egypt a good investment for you? Let’s explore the possibilities.

If you want to buy Egyptian real estate, research the cost of property, currency exchange rates (if that is a concern) and other technical aspects. Many people also factor in the possible lifestyle. The climate may be quite attractive to you, as well as the famous Egyptian food, the world-renowned culture and the possibilities for rewarding outdoor activities.

Here are some points to consider, if you are interested in Egyptian real estate:

How safe are prices for Egyptian real estate?

There has been steady growth in the property market in Egypt for years now. It has slowed down a bit lately, but it will be very promising for many years to come.

Property investors and second- home buyers have been coming here for a long time. And though this means that in some areas property prices are high, there are still plenty of good areas for the new buyer to explore. This includes both city and rural properties.

As well, the government is planning to spend many billions of pounds in the next few years throughout the country for economic development. Thus the infrastructure will improve and property value will increase.

If we don’t live in the house, at least in the near future, how will we pay for it?

First, as prices are likely to rise in the future, it’s best to buy sooner than later.

Second, there is always the option of renting your property. Major cities are always popular destinations and thus there is a need for rental properties; Red Sea apartments, flats, villas and chalets which are kept  in good condition are also eagerly sought after. There is a well established system for managing flats, villas, chalets and apartments in Egypt whilst the owner is away. Property managers for Egyptian real estate take proper care to see that the properties are well maintained so as to preserve your investment.

Where should we buy property in Egypt?

Is price more important to you or location? If you like the city life, for example in Cairo, Alexandria ,Hurghada, etc, you are likely to pay a higher price for your Egyptian home. But of course if that is where you want to live, it’s worthwhile.

Some areas that are recently touted as good places for property investment include El Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga, El Quesir,Marsa Alam  among many others. These areas may not have much of an international population or reputation, but it may be what you want. These are the areas where you can find miles of pristine beaches and many of them are very private.  Whether you choose for privacy or the company of a neighboring village, you’re sure to find great land properties at the beach cities of the Red Sea in Egypt.

Rural areas and south Red Sea Egypt are becoming less isolated also, which can be a plus for you. The Egyptian airport system is becoming more efficient and more airlines are flying from northern Europe to areas of Egypt that were previously off the beaten track.

An upscale Egyptian home with direct beach front, is likely to be quite expensive, and not for everyone.  If a private villa or chalet is not what you’re looking for then consider buying a flat or apartment in a new construction building. Many have special prices for off-plan property purchase and you can find a good deal this way. Also you can find apartments for sale in Egypt Red Sea city of Marsa Alam which are located quite close to the beach but conveniently located at town with services available for everything you might need.

A good real estate agent of course is an important source of information to help you find the right property in Egypt for you.

Will we like living in Egypt?

Of course if you prefer an overpriced country with a cold, overcast climate, where there is little culture, average food, no outdoor activities, no fantastic nature and unfriendly people, then definitely you don’t want to live in Egypt.

Need I say more?

So, to summarize buying property in Egypt is a safe investment,

For the large scale property investor there are the above advantages and a promising market which is tried and true but which also has new, untapped areas, making Egyptian real estate a most exciting and promising venture.  Land parcels have increased dramatically in value over the past few years in the Red Sea area of Egypt. There are now well established resort hotels and most all of the beach property for sale in Hurghada has been purchase for resort developments.   For the large scale property investor there are opportunities now which didn’t exist before because of the limited amount of beach front property available. The Red Sea is a popular attraction where hoteliers enjoy low vacancies most of the year and major resort developers can secure a breachfront location in this popular tourist destination.  In such scenario, the large-scale developer for property would likely experience a high return on his property investment in Egypt.

Author:  Sandra Peterson

5 Best Ideas For a Luxury Holiday to Egypt

Spending your holidays in Egypt, that’s a great idea but you need to know the ways to get the maximum out of your holidays in Egypt. Egypt is an exquisite place packed with a great deal of historical structures and some very exclusive places for adventure.

It has every thing to submit you for snug holidays from spa, Red Sea, the Nile to golf Courses. It has all to make your stay momentous in Egypt. Some ideas are mentioned beneath for lush Holidays;

Experience Scuba diving in Hurghada

Egypt has some of the very optimum sites pertinent for scuba diving. Hurghada, Safaga, El Quesir and Marsa Alam are the most superb places to go for scuba diving. Its marine spectacle is just implausible. The enormous underwater life is certainly going to make you stunned. If you are a novice in scuba diving, you can become skilled by attending their courses on scuba diving.

Enjoy a luxury cruise down the Nile

Cruise liners tender a country tour with top excellence and comfy service. They cruise down the Nile, touching in the best places of the country while soothing you with the five star services. These cruises leave from Luxor or Aswan, and take you through the important places like the Valley of the Kings, the Necropolis, and plentiful ancient temples. These cruises are operational with gyms, restaurants, shopping centres and boutique.

Play golf in Hurghada

Golf is an activity that just about every one likes to play mostly when they are on opulence holiday. Egypt offers some magnificent golf courses. Among these superb golf courses Hurghada – El Gouna and Cascades are the finest. They are situated at the amazing beaches and they offer exciting view along with the wonderful game.

Feel pampered at a luxury spa hotel

The basic mood on holidays is the pampering behaviour to make it plush. The spas in Egypt offer this behaviour at its very top. Residence des Cascades in Hurghada and the Sheraton Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh have outstanding spa facilities, offering a variety of sauna, and massage treatments. You can treasure the most relaxing moments at these spa centres. The olden techniques of massage can make feel you young and rejuvenated once again.

Take a city tour in Cairo

Egypt has a lot of historical place to offer for the history lovers. The Pyramids and the Sphinx are two of the most visited and extraordinary sights in the world. No tour to Egypt can be considered complete without visiting these two iconic places of Egypt. The Cairo Towers has a revolving restaurant to offer you a unique experience. Citadel was chosen by Saladin for its pure nature. You can see the medieval time as you stroll through the Citadel.

The nights are even more magnificent in Egypt. You can take pleasure in the bustle of city life in the lights and can treasure the memories of some stunning Egyptian Dances at some amazing restaurants. Your hunger for a comfy holiday is satisfied totally when you are in Egypt for a luxury holiday.

Author :  David Hughes

The Top 10 Sights in Cairo

No holiday in Egypt would be complete without a stay in Cairo, and the good news for visitors to this amazing country is that many of its top sites are easily accessible from the capital. If anything, the problem is that there are just too many of them – it can be a little hard to judge what the must-sees are, so if you only have a limited time, this ‘Top 10 Sights in Cairo’ guide is a must for your luxury holiday in Egypt; whatever type of holiday you choose:

1. The Manial Palace

Said to have been built for Prince Mohammad Ali between 1899 and 1929, the Manial Palace became property of Egypt in 1955. Nowadays, the structure (a mixture of Ottoman, Moorish, European rococo and Persian architecture) houses a museum containing artefacts dating from medieval times all the way up to the 19th century. As well as history buffs, the museum’s gardens will appeal to plant lovers, as it contains a selection of rare tropical plants and incredible palms.

2. Museum of Islamic Ceramics

Another converted palace, this museum offers a fascinating collection of antiques from the various Islamic periods of the country’s history. Originally, the collection was housed in the National Library, but as the collection has expanded, its current location gives the beautiful exhibits more space. Being a former palace, the building itself is stunning, and as the labels of each artefact are in both Arabic and English, anyone interested in Islam or art should find this a fascinating highlight of their holiday in Egypt.

3. Pharaonic Village

Perfect for a family holiday in Egypt, the Pharaonic Village is an attraction that promises to take visitors back in time 3000 years to the days of the pharaohs. Although this may sound somewhat tacky in principal, it’s so well done and historically accurate that the venture manages to combine education with entertainment. It was 20 years in the making, but Dr Hassan Ragab and Dr Abdelsalam Ragab have achieved a truly impressive living tableau of the most renowned period on the country’s history – the perfect attraction for a family holiday in Egypt.

4. The Hanging Church

Another cultural highlight, the Hanging Church gets its name from its location – above a gatehouse of Babylon Fortress, with its nave suspended over a passage. It dates all the way back to the 3rd century, and with its marble pulpit, inlaid screens, icons and murals, it really is one of the most impressive churches in the entire city.

5. Khan el Khalili Market

Built all the way back in 1382, you can’t wander the market without being close to its memorable history. Before it was rebuilt in the 16th century, it was often used s the meeting place for subversive groups, and frequently raided. It remains one of Cairo’s most important shopping areas to this day. If delving through canvas covered stands, soaking up the atmosphere and working on your bartering is something that appeals, you won’t find better than here wherever you visit on your luxury Egypt holiday.

6. Giza Zoo

One of the few areas with plenty of greenery, Giza Zoo offers the perfect day out for a family holiday in Egypt. Over 100 years old, the zoo has a wide range of animals – many of them endangered. The zoo actually runs at a loss from its ticket prices, in order to allow the maximum number of citizens to enjoy its flora and fauna. It made headlines in 2002 when the first Californian sea lion to be born in the Middle East was birthed.

7. Cairo Tower

One of the iconic buildings of Cairo, the tower is a must for Egypt’s holiday makers. Standing at 187 metres tall, the granite tower ever dwarves the Great Pyramid at Giza by an impressive 45 metres. The best time to visit is in the evening, when it gets dark and the whole of Cairo is lit up beneath you. Visitors can also visit the tower’s restaurant (a favourite of the late President Gamal Abdul Nasser), with its rotating floor – which thankfully is almost unnoticeable.

8. The Citadel

One of the most famous spots in Egypt, and a holiday favourite, the Citadel houses a number of museums and ancient mosques. Rumour has it that the site of the Citadel was chosen by Saladin for it’s healthy air – and the unscientific way this was judged was by hanging meat all over Cairo. In the majority of spots, the meat went off within a hours, but in the Citadel it was fresh for several days! Taking a walk through here is like strolling through time, and visitors can see the capital’s key features from medieval times onwards.

9. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

If you want to learn about Ancient Egypt you need to go to the source. With 120,000 items pertaining to the ancients, the museum is an absolute must for family holidays in Egypt. The legendary treasures from Tutankhamen’s burial are housed here, and are by far the most popular exhibit, but visitors can also expect to discover a vast selection of finds, including scrabs, sarcophagi, coins, papyrus and artefacts from throughout Egyptian history.

10. The Pyramids of Giza

Of course, it would be hard for any Egyptian attraction to replace the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the Pyramids of Egypt, located on the left bank of the Nile in Cairo are impressive today as they’ve ever been. The Giza Necropolis contains the Pyramid of Khufu (or Great Pyramid), the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure, and of course the Great Sphinx is nearby too. A trip to the Pyramids of Giza is the must-see attraction for any luxury holiday in Egypt.

There is of course a lot more to see than just the 10 sights listed here, especially if you intend to go beyond the capital during your stay. If time is of the essence though, and you want to take in as much as possible then you can’t go wrong with any of the sights on this list, and your luxury holiday in Egypt should be an unforgettable experience.

Author:  MaryBush

Property in Spain: Is it a Good Investment?

Recent housing market crashes all around the globe have turned a lot of people off of the idea of investing in property. Many have sold off all of their investments or are holding onto everything until the market comes around. Some are barely holding on with their teeth. Investors from all walks of life have lost it all. Those who had thought about investing in property before the crash are having second thoughts. In fact, many people are not buying at all even if the property is to become their home.

The scare has only served to put another dent in the already damaged global housing market. In order for the market to turn around, people need to buy. And they will once the economy becomes more stable and they once again put faith in property investments. At that time, property values will skyrocket before they level off.

What does all of this mean? It means that NOW is the time to buy property. In Spain, as in other places of the world, properties are being sold for bargain prices. The market crash has resulted in houses being sold for less than their value. If you can afford to, you should buy property now before prices go up again. The following are also reasons why buying property in Spain is a good idea:

• Selection – The number of houses being sold in Spain has diminished greatly over the past year resulting in a surplus of properties for sale. There are also a lot of foreclosed homes that are now reaching the market. This means that you can have your pick of houses. Sellers are also looking for great ways to lure buyers such as offering upgrades, lowering the asking price and agreeing to all buyers’ terms.

• Price – As touched upon earlier, the price of property in Spain has decreased recently. In today’s market, you can buy more for your money. If you could only afford a flat previously, you might be able to purchase a detached house now. You might also be able to splurge for extras. Or you might be able to purchase property in an area that was way out of your league in years past.

• Allure – The only thing that has changed regarding Spanish property is the price and selection. The old-country allure is still present. Everything that has attracted tens of thousands of Brits to Spain every year can still be found there. It just costs less to purchase a piece of it.

• Income – Holiday properties are a great source of income. You can sublet the property during the months and weeks that you don’t plan to be visiting Spain. The money you make from renting out to other families on holiday could make your mortgage payment. You might even be able to earn a little extra to pay for…a plain ticket to Spain?

Buying property never goes out of style no matter how rocky the market gets. The market will always recover; and when it does, you will feel very smart for investing when prices were so low.

Author:  Steven Clarke

Purchasing A Property In Egypt

You are looking at the possibility of buying a  property in Egypt, whether to actually become your permanent base or as a holiday location? Where do you start? Below are property buying points that you may consider when looking for the ideal property.

1. My first suggestion would be to go on to the internet and look at and even contact some of the various agents that are now offering properties for sale in Egypt. You will find that many of these companies are owned and run by people who are now residents in Egypt and will be able to provide you with information on the many problems and pitfalls that may arise when buying a property in Egypt, and will also know the area that you may be looking to buy the property in.

2. Your next decision is where to you want the property to be located, do you want to live in a Town (urbanization) or do you want a private beach villa (Red Sea private villa) you may even decide you want to be near the Red Sea diving locations, beachfront property location for your private villa on the sea coast. However, one thing you must consider is that you want things to be close at hand, such as shops and medical facilities, then you may be better off looking at buying a property in Town or on the Coast. It may be an idea to visit the area you are looking at to decide if this will be the right location for you.

3. Next you will need to decide what sort of property in Egypt it is you want to purchase, is it an apartment, townhouse of a finca (country house with land). You may even want to take on the challenge of buying a property that needs renovation.

4. You have now decided on the location and sort of property you want to buy. Now is the time to start contacting the various agents (both on the internet and in the location directly where you are looking to purchase). These companies will not only be able to provide you with details on properties that they feel would be of interest to you , but they should also be able to provide you with details of solicitors and banks (should you need to raise a mortgage to purchase the property). They will also provide you with information on the schools, medical facilities, and other amenities within the area of your choice.

5. If you are looking to obtain a mortgage from a bank (either in your country or Egypt) then find out what sort of percentage of monies they will lend to you for the purchase of such a property. You will find that most of the banks in Egypt will only provide you with a 50%-60%  mortgage against the purchase of the property. When purchasing an off-plan property in Egypt there are often convenient seller financing which vary in terms according to the time for completion of the off-plan property purchase. Usually the seller financing for off-plan property in Egypt consists of around 40% at contract agreement and then the remaining balance is paid over the time until the unit purchase from off-plan project is completed and ready for you.  Sometimes you can choose the time for which you want the off-plan property to be ready.

6. You have now decided on the property that you want to buy, and you should now ask the agent is the owner of the property that you want to buy have the legal rights to sell it. If they do, then they should be able to provide you with the papers confirming this (an escretera). However, if these can not be provided then do not proceed with the purchase, but any respectable real estate agent would already have been provided with sight of these documents.

7. Next confirm with the agent selling the property that all the correct permissions for the property to be built have been provided by the Local Town Hall. Because of the rise in the number of properties that have been built in Egypt over the recent years with out obtaining the correct permissions the Government has been forced to take measures to prevent this occurring in the future. However, it also means that those people/developers who have built such properties can find themselves not only incurring fines by the Government, but may also find their properties being demolished.

However, it should be pointed out that as long as you associate yourself with a reputable agent then you should have no problems in finding the property of your dreams.

Well I hope that the information that I have provided for you above will help you in making the decision to purchase a property in Egypt a pleasant one.  Whether you’re looking to purchase an off-plan project such as an apartment, villa, holiday house , vacation home, holiday home or for investment property for rental income,  good luck with your project and enjoy the experience.  In Egypt, everyone will welcome you wherever you’re from…..just be a good citizen, it’s a relaxed atmosphere with streetside cafes everywhere. Take your time. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your time at the Red Sea in Egypt. If you want to purchase a property in Egypt there’s no better place than the Red Sea city of Hurghada or Marsa Alam.

Author: Sandra Peterson

Tax Information About Property Abroad

Owning a property abroad brings financial responsibilities that can include meeting local and UK tax requirements.

Every country has a different taxation system, and it’s worth knowing a little more about the tax system in the country where you’re purchasing your new property abroad. The last thing you want after you’ve moved into your dream property is to discover you have a huge tax bill to pay.

What sort of taxes can you expect to pay? Well, that depends on what you’re planning to do with your property. If you’re moving there permanently, or using it exclusively to holiday during the year, you may only be liable for local taxes. However, because they vary widely, both at the time of purchase and whilst you are an owner or occupier, you should get some professional advice. Taxes can include:

• Stamp duty
• Land tax
• Registration tax
• Property transfer tax
• VAT equivalents

To avoid paying too much tax, or getting in difficulty for not paying the right taxes, consult a tax expert; either in your country of purchase, or a UK tax accountant who specialises in tax issues for owners of property abroad. They should be able to advise you properly; so that you only pay the taxes you are liable for.

UK tax on your property abroad

If you are renting out your property abroad, thereby earning an income, you could be liable for tax in the UK. To check this, you need to talk to your local tax office. Explain your plans and they should be able to give you some advice. Remember that the UK has an agreement with certain countries that ensures that British citizens don’t get taxed in both countries for the same thing. Check if the country where you’re buying your property abroad has signed up to this agreement.

Author:  Holidayhomenews

Property In Egypt And The Benefits Of Investing

As Egypt and its property sector keep rising leaps and bounds, making known to the international community its rapidly growing emerging economy, one can clearly see why more and more investors are clammering to Egypt as their investment choice.a

Investment property in Egypt is currently on the verge of a property ‘boom’ phase, so there is no time like the present, to invest and purchase property in Egypt.

With the necessary infrastructure steadily and readily being put into place, many international investors are eager to further explore the vast investment opportunities in Egypt.

Following the recent property boom and ever-growing interest from foreign investors in Egypt, it is of little surprise that Property Select – your trusted property experts – brings you access to the latest developments Egypt has on offer.

Egypt’s current economic expansion is due, in part, to the measures taken of late by the Egyptian authorities. The government of Egypt has committed itself to “transforming the country’s economy through the promotion of foreign direct investment over the long term”.

One of the measures taken to expand on its economy is Egypt’s recent introduction of “new reforms to customs, income and corporate taxations, while privatizing certain sector industries, and developing an export market for their natural gas deposits”. These elements of improvement, when added together, equate to (according to some economic experts) the creation of “more opportunity for employment and domestic wealth growth while increasing the attraction of Egypt for overseas investors”.

Bearing in mind the low cost of living in Egypt, the imminent introduction of mortgage facilities for foreigners, as well as the uncomplicated tax system, including the no inheritance or capital gains tax for foreigners; one can safely assume that the demand for property and accordingly property prices will inevitably rise at an even greater rate – lending only positive returns to investors, both locally and abroad.

The success of Egypt’s ever-increasing tourism industry is a major contributing factor to the allure of Egypt as an investment destination.

Having remained amongst the top contenders in foreign holiday-makers’ lists – Egypt is no stranger to the influx of holiday makers on the search for the ideal utopian paradise in which to relax and unwind.

It is amidst these already well-established tourist hot-spots that many a development is set for completion in and around now and 2012.

“New off-plan opportunities from heavy weight international developers are now springing up, attracting overseas investors looking for a secure investment with good growth potential at rock bottom prices.”

In light of this, the quality of the new developments will have to, and are set to, rival those standards set by the already existing popular holiday resorts, and will have to be able to ensure its facilities and capabilities will be pristine enough to “cater for a wide variety of modern tourist requirements, from excellent diving and snorkelling, five star service and golf courses to cultural and historical activities” – therefore Property Select has sourced only the cream of the crop selection of prime Egypt property for your convenience. Click here to view the latest off-plan developments and available property in Egypt.

Egypt has no shortage of tourists and investors, which means that the rental market will remain a lucrative market for property investment for some time to come.

Another important drawing card for foreign investors is most definitely the fact that high rental yields are achievable from property located in the current tourist hot-spots and the fact that expected mortgage payments and bills can be covered annually from the rental income achieved is and very well should be a positive deciding factor towards investing in a property in Egypt.

As the climate for property investment in Egypt continues on the upward climb, it is evident that, also coupled with the fact that Direct Foreign Investment is continuously pouring in, Egypt’s economy shows enormous long term potential.

Author: AdaDenis